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Review posted by globalnerds on at

Love it

This is a really cool add on! You MUST make sure your images are the same size or the gallery won't look right.
Review posted by wnsgmbh on at

Awesome with some flaws!

+: It's stunning and beautiful and it works.
+: A lot of easy customizing options available.
-: No random image, just given order
-: Positioning can be tiresome and may need some tricks.
-: Height field forgets the given value on edit call
-: Does not work when used in page defaults (see forum), that's the main reason for just 3 stars. If all this points are fixed, I'll give a 5!
Review posted by markinspain on at

Fantastic I love it !

What can I say! Fast loading, fluid, easy to set up and a very nice effect indeed, as is, of course, Concrete5!
Review posted by BeKindRewind on at

Beautiful and Useful

Creates a simple and beautiful billboard for your header or an image gallery. Easy to use and customize.
Review posted by hostco on at

Nice Work!

What a time saver. Nicely done. Thank you very much.

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