Results are sure to be unpredictable, especially if you apply Pirate Speak to languages other than English!

Content Blocks

Write a regular content block in English, then set the Pirate Speak template and it will translate whatever is written in the block into Pirate Speak. If you have Magic Data installed, the template will also process any embedded Magic Data tokens.

Universal Content Puller

If you have Universal Content Puller, you can apply a Pirate Speak translation to content pulled from pretty much anywhere. The screengrabs are from a test page where I pulled the concrete5 About page and applied the Pirate Speak text processor.

Magic Data

As well as the built Pirate Speak template for the content block template processing Magic Data, you can also use Magic Data to translate Pirate Speak with the YARR_PIRATE_SPEAK symbol.

For Developers

If you want to apply pirate speak to other blocks, just write a new block template and call the Pirate Speak helper!


The translation to Pirate Speak is governed by a pair of text files in the directory /packages/jl_pirate_speak/files/.

yer_tounges.txt - a list of terms and the pirate speak translations.

yer_curses.txt - a list of pirate terms that will get slipped into any text to make it more authentic!

You can augment these translations by defining filesystem paths to further text files in the site constants YER_PORT_TOUNGES and YER_PORT_CURSES.

You can also disable the built in files by defining YER_TOUNGES or YER_CURSES as false.

Finally, you can disable the built in translations for beginnings and endings of words by setting YER_ENDINS to false.

With all the above constants defined as false, no translations will happen!