How to connect with BlueSnap

  1. Register or Login on or test)
  2. Copy your notification URL (setting screen) and type it in the field "Instant Notification URL" (Plimus settings)
  3. Click Set Up Data Protection Key and type any secret key (Protection Key)
  4. Click "New Product" on page "Account"
  5. Fill in the fields and save
  6. Click "Full Version" (Product detail)
  7. Fill in the fields as well as in the screenshot.Fill in the remaining fields of your choice and save.
  8. Click the "Custom Fields" in the menu at the top.
  9. Fill in the fields as well as in the screenshot.
  10. Configure add-on, and enter the required data (setting screen)

How to set up Return URL

  1. Click the "Buynow Template" in the menu at the top.
  2. Click "Edit Style & Settings" current template
  3. Check "Redirect a Shopper to a specific URL after purchase "
  4. Type Return URL in field "URL" (you can see it in the add-on configurations)