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Review posted by imJack on at

Standard install with most of my sites.

Excellent addon. Does what it says, and easy to use.
Review posted by wagdi on at

Popup Login

What a great space saver. It just works... select the template for the login block and you're done. Super simple!

Would have been nice to have a few more custom template designs and a 'remember me' option.

Otherwise it's a great add-on!

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Review posted by marticps on at

Good and easy

It just does what it say. Super easy to use.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

A good login experience for users

Overall a good login experience for users, but not quite perfect. It does the job, but misses the 'keep me logged in' checkbox of the regular login page. This could be because it works on top of the login block, which also lacks the checkbox.

Popup login embeds the jQuery fancybox plugin within its view.js file, which can cause arguments with other add-ons that also use fancybox. Not a fault with popup login, just something for developers to be aware of.
Response by 12345j on at
hi john,
a couple things you should be aware of.
1) as a custom template for the login block, popup login lacks a controller.php file which would be needed for the keep me logged in feature- you might want to try asking that question in the login block forum, and not here, as custom templates only modify the look.
2) You are certainly right as far as the view.js file, custom templates cannot use the addHeaderItem method and so cannot register files- there is an ongoing discussion on this in the community leaders forum.
Thanks for the review and feedback!
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Really useful block

Such a neat block, removes the need for a login box clogging up your page design, very simple to use too.

Nice one 12345j, thanks for this addon.
Response by 12345j on at
glad you like it and thanks for the review!

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