Version History

1.6.8 -  Added support for start and end time for Youtube videos.

1.6.7 -  Fixed to comply with PRB requirements. - Added support for iframe scrolling on touch enabled devices. - Improved automatic height calculation for Simple Content with complex content. - Fixed script to avoid conflict with eCommerce Express. - Bug fix for HTML formatting getting lost when enabling "Open Popup Automatically on Page Load" option.

1.6.6 - Bug fix for "Once Only" and the "Custom Cookie" option for Concrete 5.4. - Refined gallery support which is removed for modes that do not need it hence improving load time. - Added fix for width with percentage sizes. - Added the option to enable/disable deep link popup items. - Added support for File Sort ordering.

- Fixed bug on Photoset option wherein the first photo does not have the title displayed. - Added option to control slideshow speed. - Fixed height specification on "Simple Content" option. - Fixed center alignment on IE8 and latest. - Added control over title/description display on file set popup style. - Removed hashtag appended on the url.

1.6.5 - Minor fix for "undefined" description and width issue on "Direct Content"

1.6.4 - Added display frequency option "Once per Custom Cookie"

1.6.3 - Fixed "undefined" description and width issue on "Direct Content"

1.6.2 - Fixed "undefined" description

1.6.1 - Added support for direct content.

1.6.0 - Improved fileset support, added automatic slideshow option, added hide thumbnail option, added frequency option for autoload

1.5.0 - Added support for external activation of popup (from Content block, for example)

1.4.3 - Improved support for automatic popup window and individual local images

1.4.2 - Added support for filesets for automatic popup window

1.4.1 - Fixed rare bug if photoset is chosen, then changed to iframe later

1.4 - Added fileset support

1.3 - Added play graphic overlay, other minor improvements.

1.2.2 - Added class field, and tab interface for editor window

1.2.1 - Add support for absolute positioning, rollover for image, and text/image placement

1.1 - Added "alignment" option

1.0.1 - Add new features: additional styles, gallery support

1.0 - Initial Release