Q: Does it support .mp4?
A: As of now, this doesn't support mp4 files. However, this add-on supports Quicktime .mov files so what you can do is convert the mp4 to a mov file. Another option is to upload it to Vimeo or Youtube which this add-on supports as well.

Q: Can I specify the size of the popup?
A: Yes, either in pixels or in percentage relative to the browser screen.

Q: Can the popup display the image description?
A: Yes this is possible and you can enable or disable it at will.

Q: Can the popup show a gallery of images?
A: Yes you can show a group of images based on file set group.

Q: Would an animated .gif show *as* an animated .gif (rather than a static image) within the pop-up?
A: Yes. 

Q: Is this responsive or does it work with mobile devices?
A: Yes this is responsive just make sure to use a percentage on the width field. For example 65% means it will fill 65% of the entire width of the CURRENT viewport. Current meaning if the mobile switches from landscape to portrait the Popup does not resize to fit the width automatically instead the width will stay as it was when first loaded. 

Q: When should I use iFrame and when can I use AJAX?
A: You can use "Ajax" if you know your content won't exceed the popup window or isn't large enough to block the whole page. The advantage of "Ajax" is that you won't see the scrollers which make it look like the popup is not from another page. On the other hand, if you want to include a page with a lot of content which does not fit in the popup's viewport then that is when you should use the "iFrame" option however, you'll see the horizontal and vertical scrollers.

Q: Can I just type in the editor interface the content I want placed inside the popup?
A: Yes, as of v1.6.1 it now includes a WYSIWYG for easy formatted content entry. 

Q: Can I show the thumbnail/anchor aligned to the left (or right) with content wrapped around it?
A: Yes. Use the "left" (or "right") anchor alignment option in the editor interface.

Q: Can I show a pop-up inline within a "content" block?
A: Yes, this has been made even easier in v1.5.0. Here's the steps to follow if you're using a "Content" block:

1) Link text to image via "Add File" or to a new page using the "Link to page" in block edit window.

2) Select the linked text and click on the "Insert/edit link" button and in the "General Properties" tab. If you wish to set the window size, add to the end of the "Link URL" your width & height code. eg. (?width=700&height=400) or if you're linking to a page also include "iframe=true" in the URL. eg. (?iframe=true&width=700&height=400)

3) Select your Class (eg: my-popup) and click Update

4) Reviewing your link via the "HTML" view in a "Content" block should look something like this:

<a class="my-popup" title="my-image.jpg" href="/index.php/download_file/view/797/?width=700&height=400">my anchor text</a>


<a class="my-popup" title="my page" href="">my anchor text</a>

5) You should add a Popup Pro block, use the following settings when linking to an image to popup from another block:

a) On the "Options" tab, choose the Popup Style: Photo Single (same site). Don't select a file since you have already linked to the image in the other block and it will be ignored.

b) Choose a Skin

c) On the "Advanced" tab, enter your Custom CSS Class (eg. my-popup)

d) Select the check box below for "Use Custom CSS Class for Popup Activation", and you're done!


Q: Can I link to the parent window from within an iFrame (inside a popup)?
A: Yes, just choose the "target" as "parent" (assuming you're using the core "content" block). 

Q: Can I use this block to randomly show ads or promotional material on my website?
A: Yes, as of v1.6.0 you can choose to randomly show an automatic popup on page load at certain frequencies (eg. every time, once only, once per session, randomly, etc).


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