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Review posted by webadminfl on at

Works great with responsive theme

This is an easy-to-use, sweet little add-on. I am back to buy another license. I'm using it with responsive theme Foundation 5, and it works great for temporary promotions, reminders, and more. Thank you for making this add-on available at such an affordable price!
Review posted by acuvic on at

Good addon, good price

As the title says, works flawlessly so far, hope the dev keeps it updated to work on the latest Concrete5. Also important to keep it responsive which IT IS on my Android phone :-). Guess the other main competitor with a similar addon is trying to milk its users by charging more. To anyone looking for a pop-up plugin, get this one! It works and the price is very reasonable.
Response by jb1 on at

Thank you for your great review. Yes we are continually working on this add-on and we are also improving the responsiveness of it. Again, thank you.

Best Regards,
Review posted by ssnetinc on at

Totally, Absolutely Awesome! The Best Add-On I have Purchased!

I have either tried or purchased dozens of add-ons for various sites. This one is by far the most useful, well thought out, easy to use and beneficially of them all.

It is very well programmed and crammed full of features. I just finished a very complex website and thought it couldn't get any better until I discovered this add-on. Now I'm jumping back into that site to add the awesome features Popup-Pro provides.

There are many add-ons that I paid for that really were not worth the money for what they offered or how buggy they were. The total opposite is true here. I would say it is worth far more than what I paid - but don't want the developer to raise the price - so forget I said that :-)
Review posted by lackadaize on at

Great Add-on

Does what it says and has a good number of options to configure. The only thing that's kind of odd about it is the way it pops up on mobile devices, but honestly this is probably more my fault than anything else. Support is fast and friendly.
Review posted by ZillionProductions on at

Great add-on

Not just a popup! It has many extra's such as: open on launch, various behaviors, skins, etc. Exactly what I was looking for. Even tho the I had a little startup problem due to (what seemed to be) a C5 bug, it was solved thanks to excellent support!
Review posted by pjsouthflorida on at

Awesome Add-on!

This add-on has lots of easy to use features and looks great in action! Had a minor conflict issue at first but support here is fantastic and was fixed immediately - hats off to JZ!!! Totally worth every penny!
Review posted by laaaamb on at

Great Add-On and Brilliant Support

This add-on is easy to use and very versatile, plus I needed some additional customisations made and the developer made them at a very reasonable rate.
Review posted by rijck on at

Great Add-On

This Add-On will "pop up" pretty much anything, anywhere on your site. The feature that makes this Add-On stand out for me is the pop-up gallery option. Really useful. Excellent Work. Thanks.
Review posted by KevinBarton on at

The most versatile Pop-up I've found

I searched and searched for a way to have different thumbnails to the pop-up gallery images and only this Add-on can do it thanks to the Gallery Support option.

So you can have separate thumbnail, roll-over thumbnail and pop-up images but gather all the pop-up images into a gallery set. Awesome!
Review posted by imJack on at

Becoming a mainstay....

This is one of those addons I wish the core team would just put in. Its so versatile is crazy.
Review posted by jfuqua on at

One of my favorite add-ons

An outstanding option for a pop-up form.
Review posted by imJack on at


Thank you! Works great!
Review posted by emsconcrete on at

Good product and support

Popup Pro is easy to use and well thought out. Support was responsive and quick.
Review posted by badams48 on at

Popup Pro is a great little add-on

Adds a nice touch to my site. Great support and response to questions. Simple to use. thanks!
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Great Add-on JB!

This add-on was great as it was, but I needed one to link a pop-up from a text link in another block. And now it does! Thanks JB. VERY quick response and very helpful. I will continue to use add-ons from JB not only for the quality of the add-on, but mostly because of the great support.
Review posted by leadpencil on at

Easy to set up

...and many options to play with. Thank you.
Review posted by poetze on at

Just works great

...and is very easy to use. Thanks
Review posted by ihaz83 on at

Fantastic Product - Excellent Customer Support

Product is very easy to configure, and JB was very fast in providing support for my queries regarding the add-on.
Review posted by sme1972 on at

Really easy to use - looks great

I bought this a couple weeks ago, and it really works great. Great feature that pop up can be activate just by going to a page (without actually having to click on a link on the actual page).
Review posted by envisage on at

Great Add-on! Superior Customer Support!!

Great add-on that does exactly what it says it does...once I had my own files set up correctly. JB was extremely helpful with troubleshooting problems after the install that turned out not to be related to the add-on. Very easy to use. Easy to set-up. Nice clean presentation for a pop-up. Will definitely use it on other projects.
Review posted by igrieves on at


A good product which did what I needed and was easy to set up and configure. Support was very quick too when I had a problem which was great. Documentation could be tider and easier to use though I found what I needed in the end. Recommended.
Review posted by teetime on at

Superb product, excellent support, ridiculously low price

I use the popup to present a gallery of Vimeo hosted video, and to popup an HTML pricelist. I've also tested it for a photo gallery which I plan to do next. For all of these it works perfectly. I'm a newbie with C5 and JB has helped me through some of my startup problems. In each case response has been prompt and outstanding. I can't recommend Popup Pro enough. Go for it.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Very Handy block

Just used this for a popup form on one of our sites and still cant get over how quick and easy it was to use. Installing the Void Theme made the whole thing look great without having to style my own theme.

A great block to have in the bag of tricks.
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great Add On, easy to configure and does the job!

Created a form and needed to be able for the popup to load on the form page. It did the job easily and quickly. Would highly recommend this add-on to anyone.
Review posted by lshcloud on at

Does The Job

This is a nice little app. We used it for forms etc. The one thing that we had to figure out etc was using class and div tags with it for inserting into normal text within paragraphs etc.

Now we have that sorted it works great but would be nice to see a little more info on that. I can't moan though as the support is great and worth the money.
Response by jb1 on at
Thanks for your feedback. I have it on my (very long) to do list to create a demo video for this addon as I've done with most of my other addons. Glad you enjoy it :-)
Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Great Multitasking Popup

Like Stecal mentioned it is the perfect Popup, need to say more?
Review posted by stecal on at

Excellent support for an equally excellent add-on

This must be the perfect popup-add-on. I was worried that I couldn't have multiple galleries on one page, which were to be disconnected from each other, so I asked JB for support. I got the answer about 20 minutes later, and got it working in 2 minutes. That's just incredible.

It's also fascinating that JB appears to live in Australia, I live in Sweden and we communicate through Portland, USA. Love it.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Extremely configurable and easy to use

Also has a great number of built in "skins" for different looks. Josh is very responsive to support questions. A no-brainer for $15.

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