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How do I enable the fullscreen option on pop ups that use YouTube (I guess Vimeo as well)?

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Good question. In the case of videos, the full screen button comes from within the video player (rather than the popup HTML code). So if you're using a YouTube video embed, there should be a way to enable the "full screen" button to show depending on the method using to embed. To help provide a solution, can you please confirm the method you're using?
I'm assuming it's the built-in video option, but just want to be sure.
TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried using the &FS=1 for full-screen which from what I can read, adds the FS button, but 1) the button is already there and 2) still doesn't allow it. Also you could add the allowfullscreen in the <iframe> command, but I wasn't sure where to put that in the view.php. I even heard that the minify URL automatically adds the full screen option, that didn't work either. Nothing seems to work. Using the YouTube option.http://www.xenoncorp.com video links on both images at the bottom of the page.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'll send you a PM with an updated version of Popup Pro to see if that fixes it.

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