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Hi there,

I am working with an SEO person who would like the following to be possible with which ever pop up addon we use:

"Choose a modal window type that adds content to the page without displaying it, rather than one that pulls content from another page. When the content within your modal window is present on the page, search engines can crawl and index that content. If your modal box content is on another page, the host page doesn't benefit from that content when indexed by search engines. All of the content of the popup windows on that page should be able to be viewed on View Page Source"

I'm trying to create one team bio page where there are images of multiple people and when clicked on, their text bio comes up in the pop up. But we want all of the text of all bios to come from the one Team Bio page, not from other individual pages for each person. This way the crawler sees all of the content on one page and we don't have to optimize every single employees bio page separately.

Your feedback is appreciated if your addon accomplishes this.

Thank you

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, yes my popup pro does that exact thing. It has option to add your content within the block editor which stores the content on the same page exactly as your SEO guy describes.

Hope this helps.


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