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Can the answer to this previous post be answered, I am having the same difficulty trying to launch a popup from an HTML block. Sometimes I get the popup sometimes not. When I get the popup the YouTube content does not appear.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by previous post. Can you please clarify?

Do you have a sample URL where I can see what you're referring to?

If the YouTube video is using Flash, then the hiding of that block is probably deliberate - because of the way browser plugins work (like Flash), their z-index (vertical stacking) is always above every other element on the page. So the only way to force them to stop interfering with other elements that try to lay on top (such as a popup) is to hide them. The newer methods for integrating YouTube videos don't rely on Flash.

TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
I mean if you search support for HTML someone else had this issue, I would be curious to see what the solution is. As for the sample, if you go to and in the bottom left graphic there is an area marked watch the video.
TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
I also have a working copy (see below) with a regular text link that does work with PopUp Pro and the HTML black above using Hype 3 with the link embedded which links but does not popup.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've looked at those 2 examples, and the 2nd one contains the activation code - here's a screenshot:

The first example which doesn't work does not contain any part of that JS code. So it looks like the Popup Pro block hasn't been added to that page properly.

Does this help?

TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok so I re-added the HTML and the PUP block to the live site and now, like the working site, the overlay appears briefly then links to the YouTube page, rather than opening in a modal. Any thoughts?
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Now I can see the JS code on the page.

It looks like you applied the "popuppro" CSS class to a DIV, which doesn't have the same browser-based CSS support for click actions the way an "A" tag does. I'd suggest changing the DIV to an A tag, like this screenshot:

Let me know how that goes.

TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
So I played around a bit, but it doesn't appear to work if I just switch the DIV for an A tag. I found two support links that may shed some light on it, but it's just beyond my ability to decipher. If you have a moment, can you review and let me know if it helps. Thanks.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I may have missed something...
To make an "A" tag a real link, it also needs an "href" property - even if it's linking to nowhere.

For example:



If that still doesn't work, there could be some other unrelated JS code on that page which is "capturing" the click action and preventing it from doing what the Popup Pro is designed to do. To isolate this, I recommend 2 steps:
1) Create a new test page on your site (it can be hidden) applying one of the default (core) themes that ship with C5. It should have as few blocks on there as possible to ensure no other potential conflicts;

If that works ok, then there's either some code in the theme or another add-on causing the conflict, so:

2) Apply the same theme as is used on the home page; if you still get a functional popup, add each block in again (or a few at a time) until you find the one causing problems. Based on which add-on it is, will determine how to proceed to the next step - updating it to prevent the conflict.

Hope this helps.


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