Version History - Fixed bug with flowplayer file urls when c5 is running in a subfolder - Fixed bug with site map link chooser not creating correct links - Updated flowplayer to be ipad and iphone compatible, fixed typo in edit
     form for popup video - updated youtube template to use iframe instead of flash and to support
    the new sharing urls - added alt property to thumbnail image pulled from the title value of the image - Adjusted order of javascript includes to fix a flowplayer initialization problem - Found extra javascript string in controller, should not have been there.  
    Moved hutplayer js to only be added if you are actually doing a flowplayer video

1.0.3 - Massive changes to how flowplayer videos are treated, no longer using the
    free block from the marketplace, using our own copy of flowplayer and using a
    different overlay format from youtube and vimeo.

1.0.2 - Nicer icon overlay, neater treatment of overlay position bugfix from last
    version. Updated to use ajax to display the players so that they are unloaded
    from the DOM when the popup is closed and loaded when opened, so it doesn't
    keep playing after you close the overlay

1.0.1 - Added icon overlay to thumbnail image, hopefully fixed bug where
     overlay was showing up in the wrong spot if contained within a div with
     position: relative set

1.0.0 - Initial Public Release