Power Slider Pro

Full featured header image slider based on the "slideshow" block. "Power Slider" is a complete rewrite of "Slideshow" that uses jQuery Cycle.


  • 28 different transition effects!
  • Pagination - automatically creates numbered links to quickly jump to each slide.
  • Prev/Next Buttons - navigate through the slides. 
  • Include a title and subtitle with every slide.
  • Choose where you want your buttons/pagination
  • Link to internal and external pages from your slide.
  • Font style customization
    • We're giving you 8 font choices.
    • 5 premium style fonts from The League of Moveable Type
    • Choose font/background/textshadow color
    • Text background color options. You can even choose the transparency level


  • If you're familiar with CSS, you can modify anything you want easily! View another example here: http://natural.isitvivid.com/natural-wood/
  • Additional templates and styles will be coming soon!
  • Ask and you shall receive! What doesn't this slider do? What do you want it to do? Shoot a PM, and I'll try and make it happen.



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