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Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

The Best Slider on the Marketplace

I first used this to replace the heave power slider in the rigid light theme. Since then, I've been using this on all sites that can use it. What a great add-on. Thanks so much!
Review posted by bojanm on at

Nice software

It is very nice software. I use it on almost all my sites.

Excellent work.
Review posted by balods on at


Thanks for uploading this add-on. Awesome! ^^
Review posted by balods on at


Thanks for uploading this add-on. Awesome! ^^
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at

Thanks heaps for this!

What a great Freebie... easy to use and works as it should. Many Thanks :)
Review posted by grosik on at

Great addon with tons of useful gadgets

Yeah, excellent addon. Its even more powerful for all familiar with CSS - then you can style it however you want it !

Review posted by bojanm on at

Great Add-on

I use it and I very satisfied. Easy to use, and work perfect.
Review posted by gd42 on at

Great plugin, great support!

The best free slider, and awesome support (even if the problem is your own stupidity)!
Review posted by mehreenbaakza on at


I was looking for a way to add previous/next buttons, not to mention, some sort of pagination to skip around the slideshow....your add-on does both and it's so easy to use!!!! I don't think I'll ever use the regular slideshow block again :) Thanks so much!!!!
Review posted by joer80 on at

Works great!

I think it is just as good as the paid ones!
Review posted by wagdi on at

Power Slider Lite

This is one of the best image sliders I've seen. With the right images, this can make any website look great. Nice choices for customisations... plus it's FREE!!

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Review posted by intinformatik on at


Very easy to use with a lot of options.
Review posted by pauk on at

Simple and Nice

easy to use in own design with the css
Review posted by buurvrouw on at

Great block, very flexible!

Love this slideshow block. Very flexible to use.
Review posted by lucid on at

Excellent Slider

Great little add on. Updated the next and prev to match design and done!
Review posted by mikefatty on at

Best slider addon ever!

This is the best slider addon i found on the (C5 market), its VERY easy to use and has a lot of options you can play with! 5 stars

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