Working with Power Slider

Power Slider should be pretty intutive. However, for the sake of covering all basis, here's a breif run down.

Things you should know

  • First of all, if any of it seems confusing, just add slides and leave the settings alone. It may work out just fine ;)
  • Thumbnails only work if Previous/Next arrows are turned on.
  • The fonts inherit the default page fonts.
  • The button inherits the .btn class (adapts to bootstrap themes) - this may change in the future
  • If you don't want an "overlay color", you can select the None symbol in the color selector.

Understanding the responsive breakpoints

  • Power Slider scales UP from mobile. So the first image size, is the image you'll provide to mobile devices (this is also good as it doesn't load large images for mobile).
  • The "Min-Width" in image sizes, is your "breakpoint". If the screen is at least 768px (e.g.), then we provide a large imge (set to the right of "Min-Width")
  • In the "Font Sizes" tab, breakpoint 1+ & breakpoint 2+: represent the breakpoint values set in "Image Sizes"
  • If all of this is greek, just leave it alone and see how it works for you :)