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Review posted by lackadaize on at

Very nice block

I was completely happy with this block. It's even better that it's free.
Review posted by juddc on at

I love it.

Works as advertised. Would recommend!
Review posted by bojanm on at

Nice software

Yes it is very nice software. I like it.
Easy to use.
Review posted by synlag on at

Great addon

Nice addon, thanks for the work!
Review posted by dkroy on at

Helps with workflow

Thanks, instead of pasting in the code for creating this, I can now just add it as a block.
Review posted by PatrickHeck on at

Great stuff

Nice and easy to use. Thanks!
Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Great Tool for Real Estate

The use of a KML file makes it possible to upload polygons into your map, therefor creating overlays to mark out a terrain or property (see attachment). You can easily create these polygons in Google Earth. Google Earth also makes it possible to add other markers instead of the usual pin. These polygons can also be lifted in the air attached to the surface therefor creating a 3D image. This works well in version 2 of this add-on when Google Earth is activated (see example 2).

There is only a little bug when using terrain instead of the normal/hybrid/satellite view. But that will be resolved soon!

Worth 5 stars and very generous of Matt to deliver this as a free add-on!

The examples didn't upload with this review so look at them here:
Review posted by wagdi on at

Very useful

Great tool. Thank you.
Review posted by Insiston on at

We like it!

Nice block, allows the KLM files which make placeholders and overlays possible. Just what many business want.

Nice Contribution!

Many Thanks,


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