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Chad, I am having a variety of problems with Pro Blog after upgrading to 5.5.1. I am sure it is a permissions or setting issue, but I am having a hard time figuring it out.

1) A Pro Blog List block is breaking my home page, as in my previous post. I have it in the left margin of a left hand page. It worked for a short while, but now I cannot insert the block on the page or the page will stop loading when it gets to the end of the Blog Category and will not load the rest of the page.

2)Users whom I have made Blog Editors will see the Blog Post box at the top of their browser, but without the little notebook icon. Furthermore, when the user clicks on Blog Post the popup window to insert content doesn't come up instead an unformated version without the concrete favicon using the same url shows up which when populated brings them to the popup. Then, if they write something, there is a message that they do not have permission to do that. The are all marked as "Contributors" and have permission to write on/under the blog main page.

3) When I login as admin I get the icon, it brings me to the popup, but when I populate the date as anything but now and I past copy into the tinymce, it doesn't save the date or the content. However, when I go into the editor and edit the page doing the same things, the content "takes" when saved.

I am really hoping to use this, because obviously it works great for many others and I like the social features, but I am befuddled.

Give me some ideas how to fix this. I don't mind assignments.



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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
ok, couple things here Phil:

1 - this belongs in the support area.
2 - are you on the latest version of problog?
3 - have you cleared your site cache.

I want to be clear on on important thing here as well. ProBlog offers "example" views. These are not, and never have been, intended to be the perfect fit for every possible website design available. You will need to take these and create custom block views using them as "starting point". (see

Make sure when submitting your support ticket to deliniate between design/theme conflicts and Blog functionality. Odds are, if something does not "look" right, this is clearly a theme issue. if something's just no there, this is likely an application issue.

Thanks, and please submit a support ticket.
philz replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Chad. New to the community and didn't understand the distinction. Will open up a support ticket, but first I'll separate out the theme issues from the functionality. Read your link. Helpful for the future and improved my understanding, significantly. Thanks for the fast and patient response. Look forward to getting the issues sorted out.

RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
Greetings C5 users,

For support, please direct all questions and issue to the products "support" area.

For pre-sales, please direct your questions to the products "pre-sales" area.

Thanks again for being a ChadStrat product supporter.


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