Call to a member function getController() on a non-object

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Hi, I am building a website for a client using your pro blog plugin.
Concrete5 version is Concrete5.7.5.2
Pro blog is pro blog for concrete5.7
The problem is that when I try to add a pro blog list (on home page, it already has blog_section attribute and blog page is removed) I get error

concrete5 pro blog Call to a member function getController() on a non-object
After that I need to get back to previous version of the page to have it running.
How should I fix that? It is a bit urgent.
I have used pro blog for concrete5.6 and I have never had such problems.
Here is my email, if needed:
[email protected]

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
can you please enable debugging features in your C5 dashboard and see if you can provide any further error details?
JBCA replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm getting this as well.
I have the ProBlog in the footer and tried forcing it to only display 3 blog posts instead of all of them

* Filters by a attribute.
public function filterByAttribute($handle, $value, $comparison = '=')
$ak = call_user_func_array(array($this->getAttributeKeyClassName(), 'getByHandle'), array($handle));
$ak->getController()->filterByAttribute($this, $value, $comparison);

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Pro blog for concrete5.7

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