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we purchased a license for ProBlog a few weeks ago and are currently customizing it to fit our clients needs.

Anyway, it says the following in the ProBlog Description:
"Flexible filtering by multiple categories, sections, and author"

Since i could not find anything regarding the possibility to filter by author inside the package, my question is how we can achieve this?
The authors name ($firstName, $lastName) inside the blog_post view.php is not linked. We would need the possibility to click on the authors name and display an overview list of all posts by the author (similiar to the blog search result list that is diplayed when one clicks on a category-link).

Furthermore, we would need a possibility to display a list of all authors who contributed to the blog in the right sidecol, where the tags, categories and so on are displayed.
Here too a click on an authors name should display an overview-list of all posts authored by this person.

The way i understood it from the description, this should be possible.
However, i could neither find any hints on how to achieve in the code or in the documentation.

Looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

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