How to create a slider ?

  1. It is mandatory to have a few products in your store in order to create a slider but I 'm sure you guessed .
  2. Once your store is filled with some products , you can go to the page : dashboard > eCommerce > Creative Slider.
  3. This page offers you the possibility to create your first slider. To do this , enter a decent and poetic name in the field dedicated to this purpose , save .
  4. You now have your first slider but does not yet contain slides . To create I'm sure you've seen the button 'Add a slide' , click it.
  5. A new page opens , filled with fields and buttons. What treasures to discover !
  6. The first tab on this page allows you to manage products and how to place them in the slide , the second tab allows you to manage the content side and all its display options . The third tab offers more general and display options associated with this slide.
  7. After creating one or multiple slides, you can go to the page where you want to display slider. Place them in edit mode and add a block "Product Creative slider". Choose the slider name on the select box and change default options if you want. Add, Save edit page and enjoy your first slider.

Edit Slide page.

Tab 1: Product & Structure.

Add a product by clicking the button 'Add Product', obviously. For each product selected, you can choose the image to use in the slide. The maximum number of products per slide is currently set to 4. If you feel limited by this figure, it is always possible to extend capacity.

You can reorder products if needed.

Depending on the number of selected products, structures will be proposed in the frame below, just click on the one that suits you.

No other wonders to discover here.

Tab 2: Main Content

This tab allows you to edit the content side of your slide. This content is optional, to disable select 'None' in 'Lateral Content position' option below.

You can add whatever you want in this editor completely similar to block "Content". The only limitation is the height of your slide.

Below you can set the background color of this content, the width in percent, an optional background image.

It is also possible to overwrite the settings of color round navigations. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the color for some slide when the balls are in the side content.

Tab 3 : Options

This options allows you to select the form that the information above the image. This can be a circle, a square, in a different position. Choose one that suits your taste. as well as its background color.

The other option allows you to display or not the above animated image and its background color content.

Product Creative Slider was built to allow you to create new ways to present information both above. Follow the instructions here below to discover the incredible!