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Love the addon!! Its been quite helpful with a series of forms for a membership based website.

Excited to finally understand the methodology of the Publish question type.

We've run into a conflict by using that question type twice for two respective forms. If I add a cName to either Publish question, it removes all submitted pages of the other form upon submission approval on the internal form. Those pages aren't restored if I remove the cName. Essentially, if I have two Publish question types it seems I can't use the cName at all.

The problem isn't strictly with the cName. It's a combined conflict with the parent pages to publish the pages under.

If I want to publish to separate locations while implementing the cName in both 'publish' question types, the first approved submission overrides/deletes the other parent page and all it's children (in this case these children only existed from prior tests without the cName).

If I publish both to the same parent page everything works fine, but in this case I need to be able to publish under two parent for 'News', and another for 'Events’.

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