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I am trying to figure this out myself but not getting very far so thought it might be a good feature request as others might like the same feature.
Basically what i'm looking for is a google map with a draggable marker so users can select a point on the map. The map would give 2 pieces of info, latitude and longitude to be submitted with the form.
Or a step further would give the address using google geolocation address system.
This would be great for a few different applications. I'm specifically thinking of delivery locations input by a user.

Then on results page perhaps have one of the simple google fixed maps using lat/long.
One of the only settings you would need would be where the centre of the map is and zoom level (or if using mobile use current location).

Here is a good example of it working with panning map when you drag to edge. this has address and lat/long

Here is another example without address.


one of the only concerns is getting is working on mobile devices.
Here is one using jquery mobile. A little different, click for point rather than drag.

Think it would be cool.


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kspitzley replied on at Permalink Reply
I would love to see this too. I think it would definitely set ProForms apart from the other form add-ons in the marketplace. I would use it for community input as part of municipal planning processes, or for crowdsourcing geolocated data.

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