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Getting started with the Pro Package, I have been struggling primarily with pro forms and pro events initially. I continue to have difficulty with them and can not continue further because i need forms on our site as of last month. i have a few help questions on the forums that have gone un-answered, and i see there are several active as well, so not sure when mine might get attention. The forms (even without the pro event option) are not functioning at the point where any kind of "condition" is added. also having trouble with negative qty showing up as an option along with a "total" showing up when qty is set to "0". I would appreciate a refund of all of the pro packages so i can look for something less complicated to use on our site. it's just not working even after many hours in tutorials, forums, etc. and I must find a form add on that i can get up and running asap. much appreciated.

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w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
Formal Refund Request: Please grant me a refund for the license assigned to this support request.
w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for your replies to my questions this evening. please hold off on the refund process until you get a chance to reply to my issues of wrong total and negative qty. i'll work on it more tomorrow, and if this can get solved easily, then perhaps it can still work out. thanks again.

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