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I have a form that will be using the user registration function. I want to only show certain questions if the user hasn't registered yet. Once the user fills out the form and visits the form's page again, those questions won't be visible.

My attribute handle is register_user. I tried setting the condition to

if register_user == NULL

but that didn't work. Any guidance on the user parts of the form would be great! Thanks!

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
Break out registration whenever you can. AKA - don't do what you're doing. Register User is not considered at all in conditions. So this would not be possible to do.

FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
I was going to just set user attributes that needed to be filled out upon registration, but it applied to everyone who registers, even existing users who were created before those attributes were added.

What I'm trying to accomplish is this; I have a list of teachers in a "Teachers" group. Each teacher's name is also a Group name, i.e. Jane Smith is a teacher name and a Group name. One of the form fields in the student survey is "Who is your teacher?" with those teachers' names in a dropdown. Then I'm using Magic Data to filter a list of students (who I did have registering through Pro Forms when they fill out the survey) to their teacher's Profile page.
FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
An additional question I have about the Register User option. Will it work with the Associate User form element if they're in the same form or will the user have to register first, then go to a page with the form?

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