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Is there anyway to customise the telephone validation for other countries and local area codes rather than including the international prefix, other the current which requires that the format must be in xxx-xxx-xxxx, which I presume is for the US? Or make the validation an optional feature?

In my case this doesn't work for UK numbers, which can be a 4 figure (business) codes or 5 figure (area) codes followed be a 6 figure phone number, or different again if the user wants to input a mobile phone number?

Most people don't use (or even know) the international prefix codes over here, unless they're doing international business to business.

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RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, you can use the regex question type and format as desired. I like this tutorial:

thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry Chad, but that might as well of been written in Latin to me lol. Is there anything a little simpler and in (non-techie) English please?

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