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Can't find this on 5.7 and looking at your replies to previous questions I guess this add-on isn't moving there. Is this correct?

Our client has asked if it would be possible update their 5.5 site and also:

a. Have a form that includes a payment facility. They have a WorldPay Merchant account.

b. Add timed examinations, with questions that include images.

Pro-Forms looks as if, with a little tweaking, that it could be exactly what is needed. How complex would be the development of a WorldPay gateway and could the form have a page per question with a prev/next ability to allow the user to go back and check/update their entries before a final submission?

What would be needed to have a 5.7 version developed?


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kimstone replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there, I'm monitoring this question to see if you even get a response. Through numerous unadressed inquiries of my own, I'm wondering if Radiant Web is even still in business.
tangent replied on at Permalink Reply
Nothing yet. I also tried a question through his website. Very quiet there too. Thanks for the nudge, I got involved with other stuff but as this feature would be massively useful I will try again.


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