Quick Param View block placement

Place the Quick Param View block anywhere on the page. 

Place the block on just the page you are interested in, or in a global area to make it available across the front end of a site.

Select who can use it

In any Quick Param View block the user(s) eligible to view the information can be selected from:

  • Anyone
  • The owner of the page
  • A single user
  • A group of users
  • Any registered user

Users that don’t have access simply don’t get to see the block and no parameter data will be included in the page.

Users with admin access to a page will always be eligible to view the information (unless access is set to nobody).

Select what information to show

Tick checkboxes to select what information to view from the request:

  • $_GET
  • $_POST
  • $_COOKIE


Hide while rendering

Parameter information is hidden while the page is rendering. When un-checked, will allow the information to show while the page is being rendered. If php or script errors break the page this may still enable some parameter information to be seen.

Use toggle control

Show a toggle control for the information. When un-checked, will always show the information to eligible users.