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Review posted by studio4graphics on at

Good support

First version of plugin would not run in latest version of Concrete5, but is fixed now.
Good support and fast reaction.
Response by Beardev on at
Thank you!
Review posted by davidcalle on at


Very unhappy. I've just downloaded this and installed it. The first question I tried to add to my quiz wouldn't save. Even though I had added body text it came up with a message saying 'Body Text Required' and failed to add the question.

It turns out this is a known problem. The product shouldn't be on sale without the problem being fixed.
Response by Beardev on at
Hi David, I would appreciate your attention to our answers for your support case. Since 1st of June when we sent you the first reply already 14 days passed and still not received a negative or positive answer if you are okay to provide us your installation details. As noticed by @studio4graphics the problem was solved by latest public build and we cannot support fixing your case without having details. Thank you!

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