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Random image block

I'd love to use this block on the frontpage of my photography website *but* only if it's output could be centered on the page. It should be simple but somehow it doesn't work. On my site this block doesn't the image. Instead it puts the image on aprox. 25% from the left site of the page where the 'normal' image slider block works OK (but can not present random images which I would want to use on the frontpage).
Any suggestions to get the random block behaving like it should are welcome! If this can be solved it would be a 5 star rating. As it is now I cannot give more than 2 stars.
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Blackmailing someone via a rating on a free add-on? I'm out. Good luck with your problems!

Before 2.0.0

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If I could I will give you 10 stars :-) This Add On is perfect

I use it in my projects and I sure that this one is really a great add-on
Simple, easy and stable
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Very helpful

Yes this is very helpful!
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Random This!

You have a generic site page that needs an image; any image. Use this and it will change with every page load. Really useful and free.

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