Related product

A product attribute

This package adds a new attribute type (as text, checkbox, select,..) to your site : the product attribute. This attribute can be linked to page, file, products,.. Nice to link some image with product, some page..

A related product attribute key

WIth this attribute type, you can create how many attribute key you want to fit your need. For your conveniance, the package automaticly create a new attribube key named 'related product'. You can use it Out of the box to display some product related to another. This 'Related attribute' will be immediatly displayed from the product description.

You can choose different way products are displayed. A text, a link, linked image, image + text ... For developper, create new view to display related product is a breeze

Take a look on screenshot to understand immediatly :-)

A Related product block

In addition the package contains a block to allow you to display related products. Tthis block take the product for the current page or related product from another product.

The block contain 2 custom templates :

  • A responsive tabs template that become a accordion in small screen (requier responsive theme to enjy fully this template)
  • A jQuery navigator that can display tons of products.


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