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Review posted by eldios on at

Very useful plugin

Thank you very much for developing!
Review posted by okapi on at

A must-have when working with thumbnail types

A very much needed and useful job, since more gallery add-ons are now providing the use of thumbnail types. So this job comes very handy. Works well on 8.4.0RC1.
I really hope the developer keeps on maintaining this add-on in the future.
Review posted by webpresso on at

Works very well - also on 8.1

Used this job for a photographer website with 200 highres-images. Worked very well - no timeout and every thumbnail was newly generated.
This worked for me on concrete5 8.1

Thanks to katz515 to making this available!
Review posted by PaiviK on at

Usable add-on

A nice and easy add-on for rescanning. Very usable

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