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Review posted by Adp on at

Excellent AddOn

The professional User Interface makes it very easy to add and modify sections. Best solutions for Concrete5 and Canavas Maps
Review posted by Dushka on at

Perfect for the non-techo

Not being a techo-type, I'm sure I don't appreciate how difficult it is to write code for such an add-on. But I do know when a block works well, and this one works beautifully. Easy to use, and not a bug in sight.
Review posted by juddc on at


Makes image maps super easy - takes the sting out of the drudgery. The baked-in responsive is easy to take for granted, but works seamlessly. Well worth the dough. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again.
Review posted by tallacman on at


If you've ever coded an image map you know how difficult it is. This block makes it easy.

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