Where do I add my IP address?
Go to Dashboard / System & Settings / Login & Destination / Restrict Login or to /index.php/dashboard/system/registration/restrict_login to enter your IP address.

I can't log in anymore!!
Use an FTP program and remove the /application/config/generated_overrides/restrict_login.php file. If you know what you're doing, you can also add your IP address to the PHP file. If you don't know your IP address, go to http://www.myipaddress.com.

Why would this add-on make my site more secure?
Well even if someone else knows your username and password, he won't be able to login to your website unless he is also connected to the same network.

Could this add-on harm my website?
Not really. It doesn't change anything. It only adds another level of security. You can easily disable it by either:

  • Uninstalling the add-on.
  • Removing the file /application/config/generated_overrides/restrict_login.php.
  • Remove the IP addresses from the Settings page.

Is this add-on compatible with the Auto Login add-on?
Yes. If there are conflicting 'rules', the Restrict Login add-on gets precedence. In other words: if you only allow logins from IP "A", you won't be logged in automatically with IP "B" or "C".

Are IP ranges supported?
Yes, you can add CIDR ranges. If you need a converter, go here: http://www.ipaddressguide.com/cidr