Version History

v1.24: date format change to meet stricter validation 

v1.23: added includes children option for including pages multiple levels deep, and fixed issue where pages with no page type record assigned were missing 

v1.21: caching option disabled due to concrete5.6 permissions incompatibility issues.  

v1.20: concrete5.6 compatibility. ctID was removed from pages table 

v1.19: sidestepping marketplace upload short-tag conversion issue with xml definitions

v1.18: updating package for concrete5.5

v1.17: broken link

v1.16: added support for RSS_MANAGER_IGNORE_PERMISSIONS, showing protected pages for members only feeds 

v1.15: changing another link, as was done in 1.14

v1.14: link to configure new feed wasn't working in 5.4.2. maybe a core bug, but changing it to the /page/-/method/ format worked

v1.13: changing scope of $c for use by child blocks that pull it from global.

v1.12: adding RSS_FEED_DISPLAY to feed page controller, so code with displayed blocks can test if they're being displayed in a feed

v1.11: DIR_REL repeated in GUID

v1.10: added Dutch transiation

v1.09: now includes French & German translations

v1.08: fixed issue with relative to absolute links conversation when using a subdirectory.