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Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

RSS: Really Super Simple

This really super simple feed creator is very useful, and easy to understand how to use. It is perfect for my site that has frequent updates and creation of new pages (nearly on a daily basis).

Best of all, it helps retain a loyal following!
Review posted by dmcvittie on at

Simple & effective

Needed this for a small site I manage for a family member and can't spend much time on. Worked like a charm
Review posted by TMFranklinAuthor on at

Works Great!

Easy to use and does exactly what promised. I had a few problems on my end, but Tony helped me out promptly. It all works great now!
Review posted by justinvv on at

Worth it!

I needed to get the page content feed into a mobile workout app to make it easy for people track what they did each day. It took just a few minutes to set up with this add-on. $15 just added huge value to my website. Thanks!
Review posted by drbiskit on at


This Add-on is great and very handy for a really nice clean implementation of an RSS feed on your site. Support provided is fast, friendly and helpful too! Good work Tony.
Review posted by rainmaker on at

Easy plugin to use!

This is a GREAT addon to use--especially with the core addon of RSS feed displayer. Tony was great and responded to the issues I had with the latest C5 update! Very highly recommended!
Review posted by WebcentricLtd on at

Excellent - well worth the money

I had a requirement to create a feed on a website that contained news items already containing feed results from other rss feeds using the standard rss display block.

This did the trick perfectly. The level of customisation is very good. You can narrow your feed source down to page type and even content area so you can really get the feed down to a good detail level.

Had my feed up and running in a few minutes.
Review posted by wanderlust on at

Great add-on. Even better support.

We were having problems with the Concrete5 rss feed not playing well with Google Reader and Feedburner. Installed this add on to fix it, but it was broken - I suspect due to recent Concrete5 update. Tony had it diagnosed and a new version of the add-on in a couple hours. If only everyone could offer this level of support, the world would be a better place indeed.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Put your subscription button/link where you want it

It was easy for me with this add-on to put the RSS subscription link into the sidebar and on top of the page. It is a lot more customizable than the built in feed creator in the pagelist block.
Review posted by MichellePickett on at


It works great and the support staff is AWESOME for newbies like me. Highly recommend.
Review posted by robhall on at

Excellent RSS Creator

Really like this. Makes RSS feeds nice and simple (once I realised I needed to add on a reader to Chrome!)

Also excellent fast support to - back to me within a couple of hours.

Great add on and highly recommend.
Review posted by jordanlev on at

Simple and Perfect

This addon works great for when your RSS needs get more complex than the built-in Page List block. I built a site that needed an RSS feed, but the design called for the RSS button being in the sidebar (whereas the Page List block was in the main content area). With this addon I was easily able to put that button wherever I wanted on the page, and also add it to other pages when needed. Another situation I've come across where this addon is useful is when you only want to show a few of the most recent pages in your page list, but want the RSS feed to contain more than just those few.

One thing to note -- it was a little confusing at first to figure out that creating an RSS feed actually creates a new page in your site, and that you must choose to either have that RSS feed show pages underneath itself or underneath some other page in your site. But once I played around with it a little it became clear.

And one helpful trick: When you install this addon, it creates a new page type called "RSS Feed". If you don't want this page type getting in the way of the other page types in your theme when users create new pages, change the page type name so it has an underscore in front of it (for example, I changed mine to "_ RSS Feed _") -- only change the name, though, not the handle. Now it will be shoved over to the far right of the page type list and be more out of the way.

Thanks for this great addon Tony!
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Very quick and easy to use

Downloaded and installed it, minutes later I had the news RSS feed setup.

Worked perfectly. Thanks.
Review posted by 12345j on at

nice addon

easy to use, good integration with stats, well done overall.
Review posted by SkyBlueSofa on at

It just works

A friend asked why I didn't have a RSS feed on my site. I went to the Marketplace, purchased this Add-On and in 10 minutes had 3 rss feeds available on my site.

Good work on this plugin.
Review posted by rbucky on at

Simple as pie

RSS is a critical component for any website. With the addition of the blog page type, it is more important than ever to have an available feed. RSS Feed Manager does its job well and allows you to customize most every aspect of your feed to consumers. Well done. Worth the money.
Review posted by olacom on at


Does what it's supposed to do!


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