Sage Pay Payment Provider Documentation

Documentation last updated: December 5, 2014

Purpose of this Add On:

This Add On makes it easy for a merchant using the official Concrete5 ecommerce addon to add Sage Pay as a payment provider.


You must have the official Concrete5 ecommerce addon and an account with Sage Pay.


Installation is very straightforward.

Watch Installation and Setup Video at

  1. Download the plugin from the Marketplace.
  2. Login to your site as admin
  3. Go to the Dashboard
  4. Click on Install from the bottom panel on the dashboard (Extend concrete5 –  Install, update or download more themes and add-ons.)
  5. Click on Install on Sage Pay Form
  6. Return to your Dashboard
  7. In the Ecommerce Panel of the Dashboard -> Select Payment & Sales Tax
  8. You should see Sage Pay Form as an option.
  9. Click on Sage Pay Form to enable it and configure it.

Configuring the module

To configure the module you will need your Sagepay Vendor Name and Encryption Password. Do not attempt to activate the module until you have these available.
This is the name displayed to customers where the module is called. ie .. "Click here to pay by {Name}" so you may want to chang e this to "Visa or Mastercard" or "Debit or Credit Card" so that the messages in the front end of the site say "Click here to pay by Debit or Credit Card".
To make the Sage Pay option available to customers on your site, this must be set to YES.
Test Mode:
This tells the module whether to use the Sage Pay sandbox or take live payments.
For some sample credit cards that will work in the test environment visit the Test Card Details for your Test Transactions page on the Sage Pay web site.
Transaction Type:
Sage Pay offers a number of different payment types. This module supports Payment, Deferred and Authenticate.
For a full explanation of the differences in each - Visit the Transaction Types page on the Sage Pay web site.
This module currently supports USD, GBP & EUR. Please contact us if you require support for other currencies.
Sage Pay Control Panel

Known Issues & Bug Reporting

Please report any bugs, issues or general feedback.

Additional Information / Database Structure:

The following information may be useful to more technical customers who want more information in terms of what the plugin is doing and are happy to hack the core eCommerce module to display extra information from SagePay. We could not include this information easily within the plugin as the Core eCommerce Addon does not have a notes field that we could use to include this information.

The Sage Pay Payment Provider addon adds a table to your Concrete5 database: CoreCommerceSagepayOrderStatus. This table is added to log incoming data from Sage Pay so that you can diagnose faults.

id: 1

coreOrderID: 1

coreInvoice: 000001

spVendorTx: 000001-1-14-12-03-14-48-03-TEST

spVPSTx: {3E8026A4-CA96-559C-1B53-38C92B0C3B42}

spStatus: OK

SpStatusDetail: 0000 : The Authorisation was Successful.


a:16:{s:12:"VendorTxCode";s:31:"000001-1-14-12-03-14-48-03-TEST";s:7:"VPSTxId";s:38:"{3E8026A4-CA96-559C-1B53-38C92B0C3B42}";s:6:"Status";s:2:"OK";s:12:"StatusDetail";s:40:"0000 : The Authorisation was Successful.";s:8:"TxAuthNo";s:6:"953002";s:6:"AVSCV2";s:24:"SECURITY CODE MATCH ONLY";s:13:"AddressResult";s:10:"NOTMATCHED";s:14:"PostCodeResult";s:10:"NOTMATCHED";s:9:"CV2Result";s:7:"MATCHED";s:7:"GiftAid";s:1:"0";s:14:"3DSecureStatus";s:10:"NOTCHECKED";s:8:"CardType";s:4:"VISA";s:11:"Last4Digits";s:4:"0006";s:11:"DeclineCode";s:2:"00";s:6:"Amount";s:5:"18.00";s:12:"BankAuthCode";s:19:"999777

coreStatus: 2

coreCustomer: lastname, firstname

coreEmail: [email protected]

orderAmount: 18.0000

dateAdded: 2014-12-03 14:48:04

lastUpdated: 2014-12-03 14:49:11