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would it be possible to have some documentation and examples ?
for example... putting the DIV as in your screenshot can be referred to an other block ?

thank you so much in advance

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Michele,

This block really only does the one thing, so I'm not really sure of what documentation I'd be able to add.

A common use-case for this block is where you're working with a third-party service, something that provides some kind of widget. Much of the time you can just copy the script they provide and put it in an HTML block, but sometimes that breaks a site's editing controls or you also have to include a script in the HEAD of a site.

So what this block does is allow you to paste in that script and include it on your page, but in a way where it doesn't actually output until you are logged out.

What you put in as the HTML/scripts is completely up to you and it doesn't really make any difference to the block. Just think of it like the HTML block with a bit more protection.

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