This Packages causes an error when upgrading from to 8.0.1

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Hi Dave,

I am trying an upgrade to concrete version 8.0.1 on a testsite. I'm running into an exception error where this SEO package is named in the error somewhere. When uninstalling the package and running the upgrade again, the upgrade is successful. I have not tried installing the add-on again after the upgrade.
Will report here when i have.

greetings Maura

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buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
Tried to install after upgrade to concrete v 8.0.1. But still getting the error.
This is the error from the debug panel:

Error thrown with message "Cannot access protected property Concrete\Core\Entity\Package::$pkgDescription"
#27 Error in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#26 Concrete\Package\SkybluesofaSeo\Src\Installer:installSinglePages in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#25 Concrete\Package\SkybluesofaSeo\Src\Installer:install in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#24 Concrete\Package\SkybluesofaSeo\Controller:install in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#23 Concrete\Core\Package\PackageService:install in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#22 Concrete\Core\Support\Facade\Facade:__callStatic in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#21 Concrete\Controller\SinglePage\Dashboard\Extend\Install:install_package in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#20 call_user_func_array in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#19 Concrete\Core\Controller\AbstractController:runAction in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#18 Concrete\Core\Http\ResponseFactory:controller in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#17 Concrete\Core\Http\ResponseFactory:collection in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#16 Concrete\Core\Routing\DispatcherRouteCallback:execute in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
#15 Concrete\Core\Http\DefaultDispatcher:handleDispatch in /home/deb95978n2/domains/
jiropii replied on at Permalink Reply
I hope the developer answers soon,
since the company I work for is thinking of using this, but only if it works properly in 5.8.

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