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Helps with the "thousand little things"

This add-on is very different from others. Not a block or a block creator or modifier, it helps with what an SEO professional called "the thousand little things you need to get right instead of one big thing or one big trick".

Very useful! Helps focus the web content team's efforts extremely well. I kind of wish for clickable links in the left column that displays for a page, but I'm not sure how that would work.


Review posted by buurvrouw on at

a must-have

I totally agree with Matteld80. This tool is a must have to speed up your SEO process!
Review posted by Matteld80 on at


I've added this to 3 sites now and find it very helpful in insuring our pages meet all the requirements for effective onsite SEO. We have seen a good boost is search placement for keywords in just a few weeks and now recommend it to all our clients. Thanks for the hardwork in creating great tools for this awesome CMS:)
Response by SkyBlueSofa on at
Thanks for the review. I always try to make my products go above and beyond.

Now that you've kicked the tires on it for 3 projects, can you think of any improvements you'd like to see in upcoming versions?

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