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I think this add on is just what my customer is looking for. We have ecommerce installed already but we have things setup so that clients are not required to create a C5 username/login to access the store or purchase items. We don't want to change that.

Would using this addon require us to add more steps (C5 user account creation) to our checkout process?


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ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
In order for the addon to ensure a secure connection, a user needs to be logged in in order for the system to verify they have the rights to it.

I'm sure it could be modified to to accept some kind of authentication token in the URL but that would require changes to more than just this Addon.
setsail replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, we just can't live with forcing everyone to create an account just to purchase. We sell a lot of other goods that are just shipped, so adding this hoop to an already cluncky checkout process is not welcome.

So, wondering about another approach. What if I customized the checkout routing to create a username and password combination of the fly. Setting their username to the customer's email address, for example, and the password to something like Lastname999 where 999 is a random number.

Then I could append your email blast with the username and password set that we created on the fly for them.

Is there a reason that wouldn't work?
setsail replied on at Permalink Reply
I am comfortable making the unique url code type of change but what did you mean by "more than just this addon"?

Why couldn't I add a column to the appropriate table with a unique hash code and append the emailed url with that hash code?
ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
Because the addon checks against an active user account with the right permissions. Expiration of each purchased video is set on a per user-per purchase-per video level.

Technically you could do all the needed modifications in the addon itself but it would be a much bigger modification.

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