SEO Analyzer


SEO Analyzer is no longer supported or available for download.


Improve Your SEO Life.

This simple - yet powerful - SEO analytics tool allows you to quickly view SEO data for any given URL... right from your dashboard!

The idea of of this add-on is to help you compete. Let's say you have a local competitor who has a higher search engine rank than you do. This add-on allows you to analyze their (or any web address) SEO data. This way, you can optimize your own site to compete!


  • View Meta Title, Description, and Keywords
  • Page Text
  • Page Links
  • Keyword Density (one-word, 2-word phrases, 3-word phrases)
  • Response info (status code, content type, url)
  • View Google Page Rank

There are two options to this addon:

1. Use as a Dashboard tool - renders results in a tabbed interface, with help tab.

2. Use a public, front-end block - renders same results as dashboard page, but in a simple text-only format.

Please see screenshots for examples, or view the video. To retain the value of this addon, we cannot provide a live demo.



Q: Where is it located?
A: SEO Analyzer is located in the dashboard as follows: /dashboard/system/seo/seo_analyzer.

Starting in 1.2, there is also a block that you can add to your page.

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