Most toolswithin this package simply require that you input a valid URL (ex. When you submit your input, a result is displayed. However, the result is NOT saved, so you may want to copy and paste the result into a text file or other document for your convenience.



General Analysis Errors. In some cases, you may get an error message when you try to analyze a URL. This is most commonly caused by an incorrect URL that either was misspelled or otherwise doesn't exist.

Errors When Page Loads. These are errors that show up as soon as you go to analysis tool page. If this occurs, it is likely that your server does not support this function, in which case you should get a better web host service. Or, this may be caused when your server's PHP settings are unsatisfactory for the analyzer script to run.

The core SEO Analyzer engine is very advanced, and so we cannot guarantee that all host providers will be able to support all SEO tools and analyzers.