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Review posted by JoshJ on at

Beware, Bad Product Description!

The feature list and screen shots are either out of date, or apply to some other product altogether. In my opinion, the product is all but useless for SEO work.
Review posted by kooskruger on at

Auto tags

Product does not generate auto tags as it state it does
Review posted by banditetr on at

Nice for this price

I'm using it for all my projects and I never have problems with it.
Since concrete 5.6 you only need it when you are a SEO freak but it is working and do what it should
Review posted by mdds on at

Description needs updating

It does generate keywords, and that can be beneficial. However, it does not actually allow you to "Quickly edit meta information". That was apparently included in c5 v5.6, but it doesn't stipulate that it's not a option beyond v5.6 (i.e. in v5.6.1.2). I understand the argument that c5 now includes this, but I wanted the interface I thought I was purchasing. The seller offered attitude instead of a refund.

Update: Seller has refunded and I appreciate it.
Review posted by BHWW on at

Helpful but could be so much more...

A good little addon, that helps with the input of data, however as keywords are becoming less and less significant, it would be great if this could auto suggest content etc.. i've heard there is a wordpress addon called Scrib'd that helps with SEO (suggests wording and the like), maybe this would be an option?

The Google page ranking and Alexa rank are interesting but not sure if these could be exploited to be more helpful, ie. up 10% from last week etc..

Thanks for the addon
Response by 12345j on at
thanks for the review.
Could you pm me a link to the scribed add-on? I'd love to take a look at their algorithms.
Review posted by mtbattie on at

Helpful SEO Add-On

This plug-in makes setting up SEO very easy. As an SEO newbie, I wasn't sure
if I was doing things correctly. The developer was most helpful and informative.
He was also quick to respond to my questions.

I highly recommend SEO Manager for its function and great support.
Response by 12345j on at
really? I responded here just a little over two hours after you started a thread:
but basically, this addon isn't a wonder machine, its just a tool. I'll copy my response in here: SEO isn't a process that takes a day, it takes weeks to months. One of these reasons is that It takes a while for google to "scan" sites. (Usually a week or more). When google does scan your site, it will then recognize your keywords and important information in your searches.
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Very Useful

This is a very useful, time-saving add-on! Having all the main meta-data conveniently located in one place makes everything easier!

I recommend this add-on for larger multi-page sites.
Review posted by Arby on at

SEO juice - off to a nice start

For me this was an excellent and low-cost way to begin wising-up to search engine optimisation.
What I'm learning is that SEO is a big and complex topic one in which I find myself just scratching the surface. Buying SEO Manager provided an effective and very useful starting point. For a google analytics user, also very useful to consider buying the stats add-on that massively extends the visit information in C5.
There have been a couple of minor support questions to which I've received fast, courteous and effective responses.
Thanks to my new orientation towards SEO, I also use the Rigid Light theme that I'm confident is written to carefully take account SEO. By paying attention, using some tweaks, and using a measure provided by, my site appears to have significantly better SEO performance than before.
SEO Manager was the catalyst for this improvement. I expect the improving SEO measure will mean more clients will find & respond to the valuable service I offer and am am passionate about.
Well done & thanks Jack.

Before 2.0

Review posted by hanicker on at

Nice package!

I love this package. I would like to have multiple edits as already suggested (seems to be in the roadmap) and a feature to add other words for exlusion in the config panel (I had to override job to add some italian words). Anyway it works great! Thanks 12345j!
Response by 12345j on at
thanks for the review! Version 2.0 is nearing completion which will feature bulk property editing. Not sure what you mean by words for exclusion? maybe you could pm me what you mean and I'll see about getting that in there too.
Review posted by Abs0lute on at

A big time saver!

Overall, great add-on! Having all the meta info in one place is very useful and should be a core feature. I like the keyword generator too. It works good enough to get you started, and what it spits out is easy to edit from there. I would give it 5 stars, but I wish it allowed you to do multiple edits at one time, which would allow for easy copy & paste between the various meta data, if needed.
Overall though, great add-on. Easily worth the money. Thanks J!
Response by 12345j on at
Hi abs0lute,
thanks for the review. the multiple edit feature is definitely in the list for 2.0 which should be out in a couple of weeks.
Review posted by 12345j on at

New Version

The new version should have the form issue fixed, as well as using canonical urls!
Review posted by buurvrouw on at

nice feature

Having a place to add your seo stuff in one nice view is a very useful add-on. I've wondered multiple times why this is not a core feature of concrete5.
So THANKS for making this possible!

However, one tiny suggestion: When saving changes, the page jumps to the top. Very annoying when having a long list of pages. Maybe you can correct this in a future release?
Response by 12345j on at
sure, I'll work on that.
Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Pros and Cons

Though it's quite useful to have an oversight of the meta's of all you pages in one space the add-on is not totally useful.

For example when multiple edits are opened in the Edit Meta Information you can only save one and edit one. This is first not clear. A save all button would be useful. Secondly the automated keyword generator comes up with keywords that are far from useful and is better removed from the job list.
Response by 12345j on at
thanks for the honest feedback-
1) I believe that there is a save link- i there anything that I should do to make it clearer?
2) An automated keyword generator will always have flaws. In version 2.0 I am working on an improved algorithm, but for a computer picking the words it is hard to be perfect. What it currently does is select the most popular words not in a list of stop words (like the, or and). This approach can certainly be improved, but it is generally agreed to be the most common basic method of finding keywords.

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