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Now with an alternate template to scroll with button instead of automatic scrolling. Simply edit the block and choose Button Scroll from the custom templates menu.


Supports auto embedding with the following sites:





Simply share a link from these sites and SharingBox will do the rest!

See http://demos.siteorchard.com/index.php/about/

This addon adds the ability to share status, links, and photos (photo sharing requires the GalleryBox addon) via a Facebook / Twitter like post stream.

Site administrators can place this block on a profile page and set the stream to only show posts from the currently viewed user. The block can also be placed elsewhere on a site and have all site activity displayed.

Users have the ability to edit and delete posts and comments that they own. Administrators can edit all posts and comments.

The post stream initally shows 10 posts, but an infinite scrolling ajax feature continually loads the next 10 posts as you scroll down the page.

Users also have the ability to choose how they share status and link updates, either to everyone, or only to firiends.

Built with GalleryBox in mind, users can post to their GalleryBox gallery directly from SharingBox.

ROADMAP (i.e., coming soon)

Tighter integration with GalleryBox, especially intertwining the commenting systems.

More default stream triggers as well as a dashboard interface for managing them.

Ability to choose an image from an externally website link that is being shared



Sales have ended due to EOL

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