Version History

2.0.1 When looking at recent purchases, ignore orders with
        deleted products.

2.0.0 Broke controller code out into library so that package
        may be used with Magic Data Symbols /Magic Data Commerce

        Fixed bug in loadProductsFromSet which was ignoring

        Fixed bug in auto.js, setting the wrong Block Title when Product
        Search was changed.

1.0.4    New option to select by one product set, rather than all

1.0.3    Ignore products where the attributes are not set when
    making comparisons. IE '' != ''

1.0.2    Wasn't excluding disabled products

1.0.1    Will now show products in the same set(s) - like product list
        block, but won't show the current product

1.0    Addon approved

0.9.2    Use core commerce class constants for order status
    model folder and class name revised to avoid potential conflicts

0.9.1    Fixed minor bug with block title showing when it was disabled.

0.9    Submitted to marketplace