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Review posted by imJack on at

This is gonna make clients life easier!

Its simple, and easy to manage for clients. Love it!
Review posted by juddc on at


Perfect little Add-On. Keep up the great work.
Review posted by svenschneider on at

Awesome little addon doing a great job!

It's so simple to set up and does the magic pretty well. It's possibly one of the best free addons for concrete5. Also the author Jordan Lev does excellent support. He helped me fixing a problem caused by concrete5 5.5.2 really fast! Definitely worth to check out!
Review posted by marcelukparker on at

Simple indeed, and effective too!

I love this add-on, it easily manages my image galleries from some pretty darn large filesets with no complicated extra options that I don't need. And it's FREE! Definitely recommend!
Review posted by PassionForCreative on at

Great Gallery Block

I can't believe this block is a free Add-on. Looks & works brilliantly and the ability to turn off Lightbox to show static thumbnails is perfect. Great job
Review posted by rritz on at

never showed anything

the gallery never showed a single image on my page and it broke my theme, background images got removed for some reason
never got it to work on any page
Response by jordanlev on at
Hi. Sorry you had trouble with this. Just so you know, there is a support area and a question and answer forum where you can ask for help with such problems. If you could provide a link to your site I would be happy to take a quick look and see if I can tell what the issue is (this is not something that happens generally so I'm guessing there's a conflict with either the styles or javascript of your theme, or perhaps a conflict with another addon -- but there's no way for me to tell without seeing the site). Feel free to post your details to the forum for this addon, or you can PM me (or email me directly at [email protected]). You also might want to check out the forum and support area for the "Sortable Fancybox Gallery" ( ), which is largely the same as this one -- there have been several people with similar issues (always a different reason, though). That may provide some more insight into the problem as well.
Review posted by N1029676 on at

Easy and good looking!

Obviously installation and implementation of it was a piece of cake. Not only that, it looks awesome. The left and right arrow buttons look almost 3D with the shadow effect and it can even go to the next and previous images with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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