The installation is quite simple.

  1. Configure the concrete5 mail service (if you don't already have)
    1. Setup the SMTP server. If you want to add mail services like Mailgun, Sendgrid etc. you can install the Mail Service Integration add-on from Justin978.
    2. Optional: Configure the sender address. If you don't want to edit the configuration files manually you can take use of the Handyman add-on from mlocati.
  2. Install the add-on
  3. Create at least one mailing list
  4. Embed a subscription block type to a page of your choice
  5. Embed a unsubscription block type to a page of your choice
  6. Go to add-on settings and set the legal informations and the page where the unsubscription block type is embedded
  7. You're done. Have fun sending newsletters with Simple Newsletter!


You can easily extend the subscription form with custom fields and use the values to personalzie your newsletters

  1. Go to the dashboard page subscribers > attributes
  2. Add the attributes you want

To learn more about working with attributes click here.

Sending Newsletters

  1. Create a new campaign
  2. Add name (for internal usage), a subject and a body
  3. You can personalize your newsletter campaigns by using placeholders. To integrate placeholders click the placeholder icon in the editors toolbar
  4. Click on save
  5. If you want to send the campaign click on add to send queue
  6. Now run the send newsletter job in the automated jobs dashboard page or with the CLI task simple-newsletter:send-newsletter

Advanced: Customizing the mail layout

If you want to customize the html markup of all outgoing emails you can do so by overriding the mail template.

Copy the mail template from packages/simple_newsletter/elements/newsletter_template.php to application/elements/newsletter_template.php and perform your changes there.

Advanced: Events

There are some events in this package that you can hook into.

To learn more about hooking into application events click here.

These are the available application events:

  • on_newsletter_subscribe
  • on_newsletter_unsubscribe
  • on_newsletter_subscription_confirm

Furthermore all relevant informations are stored in the concrete5 logs. Click here to learn how to working with logs.

Advanced: Custom Templates

If you want to customize the markup of the subscription or unsubscription form block type you can do so by adding custom templates.

Click here to learn more about creating custom templates.