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Review posted by seryueigumi on at

Waiing for 5.7 support

I would like to use this add-on, but this add-on does not support concrete5 5.7.
I am SO waiting for the version up...
Review posted by grcote7 on at

Super Usefull !

+ Super easy with it to add PHP script in C5 pages :-)

if ($defaultblockSimplePHPblock_installed) {
 echo 'Simply, but great !';
Review posted by synlag on at

Helped me a lot

In some situations, this is exactly what you need!
Thanks for the work!
Review posted by clintre on at

Extremely useful for those little things

This is one of those add-ons that fits the need of those little scripts or functions you might need for a client. Especially useful for simple integrations.
Review posted by AngusHume on at

Nice one

Works as advertised.
Review posted by campbell on at


I was able to use this block to create an alert to notify users when a page had been updated with new information (based on when the page was last modified).

Works like a charm.

Review posted by Jsneor on at

Works great!

At first I thought it didn't work, but then I realized I didn't need to include the opening and closing php tags in the script.
Review posted by Styves on at

Simply great!

It is very useful and works greatly. As the creator said, be cautious with what you do with it. A+

Review posted by Mnkras on at

May cause themes to "bug out"

Its a great block but becareful what you put in it like in the loadfoo theme if you put phpinfo(); it makes the theme "bug out"

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