Getting Started

Adding Testimonials

Select the HW Simple Testimonials from the dashboard and select Add Testimonial top right.

  • Add the Author
  • Add a company if required
  • Add the main testimonial text.
  • Add the Optional content if required. For example you can add the companies url. 

Editing your Testimonials

Within the list of your testimonials click the edit button. This will bring you to a new page which allows you to edit that testimonial. Click the save button to save the changes.

Deleting your Testimonial

From the Testimonial list click on the delete button, you will be prompted that you really want to delete the store.

Sorting your Testimonial

To change the sequence of the testimonial for the testimonial, you can drag and drop the line. Hover the mouse over the two arrows and drag the line up or down.

To Add a Testimonal to a page

Browse to the page you want to add the testimional and press the + button, top left. Under Other select the HW Simple Testimonial and drag to the position on the page. This will show one random testimional.

To view all Testimional

A page is created called Testimionals, this can be viewed within the sitemap. The attribute Exclude from nav is checked. If you want this page to show in your navigation bar, untick the Exclude from nav attribute.