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Review posted by eddie on at

Excellent, if you want more than the standard testimonial block

This block makes life easy when you have a few testimonials. Easy dashboard editing and sorting makes this a pleasure to use. For a free add-on this is well worth 5 stars.

1.0.0 -

Review posted by OahuFringeFestival on at

Simple and it works

Thank you. This works and it looks great on site. cheers!
Review posted by tallacman on at


and free. Start with this one if you need a random text blurb on your site. Nice dashboard page to add all your bon mots. Thank you, Ed for this add on.
Review posted by dajehle on at

Great add-on

This is great add-on! Easy to use, lots of options for a freebie. Thank you!

1.0.0 -

Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Simple, functional, works great! And FREE! Thanks!

This is a very good testimonial block offering a random selector, great for rotating through several testimonials and displaying one at a time. Can't beat the price! :-)
Review posted by marktmedia on at

change font

Hello i wanne change the font where can i do that

google font hand writing
Review posted by banditetr on at

almost perfect

Great job!

For the future it will be nice to add the wysiwyg editor not only the additional text also the main testimonial should be edited in this way

Thank you

1.1.2 -

Review posted by diemae on at

Great tool

It's a simple and easy to use tool with added value.
For us it woud be great if we could choose the language and thus have testimonials shown on the pages with the same language.

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