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Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great Addon

This addon was just what my client wanted. Saved a ton of time and did exactly what we needed plus more. Great job!
Review posted by JoshJ on at

It's a gem, but you wouldn't know it!

Can potentially do more than it promises, as the previous reviewer points out. You can include HTML in the slider's text, for example, or change its appearance by modifying the CSS. Wish the block were better documented.
Review posted by Landson on at

Superb Slider

I don't normally leave reviews, but this slider is awesome! Lots of features, and it even had the one feature I didn't think it had; clickable/linkable images!
Review posted by Adreco on at

Polished and Professional

My client loved the features and flexibility. It brought their Home page "up a notch".
Review posted by airheli1201 on at

Great support

Having a little problem with this add on at first but developer is great in helping me out. Quality product plus support is a win.
Money well spent.
Review posted by carl101lee on at

Works a treat

Simple effective gallery plugin with good support.

Works for me
Review posted by inkhorn on at

Simply SUPERB!

I'm lovin' it!

This add on is simply superb not to mention how quick the response time is regarding support! The two together is a match made in heaven!!
Review posted by furehead on at


Great Tool to create a slideshow combined with a lightbox. Very easy to use!
Review posted by fearofbuttons on at

Very Nice

Great little plug-in, this has saved me loads of time, good support too, thankyou :)
Review posted by SpencerC on at

Worked very nicely

Great add-on. Well worth the $15 since it resizes the image automatically and gives you a caption option. Makes it easy on the client side to add their own images. Here's a screenshot.
Review posted by PassionForCreative on at

Very Quick Response

Very quick response to a support question. Nice guy too. Will definitely purchase this block and any others JB creates because the support is great if you need it.
Review posted by maartenfb on at

Good support

Had an issue with css.
Quick reply. Case solved.
Review posted by Styves on at

Very good addon!

I really like it. Would recommand it without hesitation.

Cheers to his designer. Man, you do a good job.
Review posted by luns4d on at

Nice, works as expected, but one thing a newbie should know

This was a great find that was easy to install and implement. Worked as expected except for the one item, users new to the add-on should know.

The one item - When viewing in edit mode, the list of image / text pairs does not loop. This was concerning to me when I first added the block. After saving and exiting edit mode, everything works fine. Now that I know about this characteristic, it is fine.

Implementing the suggestions mentioned would make it even better.

In short though, Nice add-on, does what is says it does, easy to use.
Review posted by mexicanred on at

Excellent solution for displaying images with captions

Very easy to implement out of the box, I even worked out how to override the default settings without too much trouble. If you know a bit of CSS it's easy to re-style the text and remove the overlay background colour if you need to.
Add images one-by-one or select a file set from the file manager.
Crops/resizes the images so you don't have to worry about editors struggling to crop images themselves.
Review posted by chawki on at

Very well done.

This is a really nice photo slider block. I got it for the really nice title overlay effect. You can set it up to draw from any photo attribute (title, date, description, etc.) and to animate into the photo from any side. That plus it will resize the photos to fit in the block. I'd recommend it.

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